Peter L. Borchelt

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Short Biography

     Peter L. Borchelt received his doctorate in comparative psychology/animal behavior from Michigan State University in 1973. He held a post-doctoral Fellowship in the Department of Animal Behavior at The American Museum of Natural History from 1972-1974. He taught as Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Fordham University from 1974 - 1978. Since 1978, he has worked with veterinarians and pet owners to prevent and solve behavior problems in dogs, cats and other animals. He serves as Director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at The Animal Medical Center in New York City and conducts a private practice, Animal Behavior Consultant, which provides a house call service in the tri-State area.

     Dr. Borchelt also practices as a forensic animal behaviorist consulting on legal cases, including court testimony on animal related cases and evaluations of dangerous animals. He has conducted numerous research and development projects for various pet related companies as well as government and private research projects. He patented two training aids to help control behavior problems in animals.

     Dr. Borchelt is certified as an Applied Animal Behaviorist by the Animal Behavior Society and has published over 85 articles and chapters in a variety of animal behavior and veterinary journals and books. He has co-edited five books on topics in applied animal behavior and animal law.

Full CV available upon request